James Knock, who lives in the United Kingdom, has been a dedicated collector of Strawn waterlily cultivars for many years and is an expert in their identification and cultivation. Most cultivars were obtained directly from Strawn Water Gardens in the years 1994 through 1998.

In these galleries, James takes us through seasonal and age related changes in coloration of many Strawn cultivars. High summer in England, sometimes only two to three weeks long, provides the most dramatic colors of all, often not seen in other climates. None of the images have been color enhanced or color adjusted.  

James Knock's Tribute
to the
Brilliance of Kirk Strawn

Photos & Notes © James Knock, www.fishponds.com - Click images to enlarge 


Nymphaea 'Reflected Flame'

^ Young
^ Young

I can't quite put my finger on why, but I always think of this hybrid as something of an oddity. Its astonishingly vibrant blooms may go some way to account for this, but I guess it's just a feeling one gets sometimes.

If there were a prize for most vibrant red lily, 'Reflected Flame' would be right up there. Very few hardy lilies ever achieve this level of flower intensity! This has long had me wondering just why does this one stand out from the crowd? Upon closer examination of the blooms, something struck me. The stamens carry exactly the same intense hues as do the petals. Only the stamen tips are yellow. Although this is not unique among hardies, Kirk's 'Gypsy' for example is similar, it certainly contributes to the dazzling effect. Once again Kirk really hit the nail on the head when naming this one - sums it up perfectly.

The flowers of young plants do not always show the same intensity and are often streaked rather than solid colour. This is particularly evident early in the season during
cooler weather. Once mature, the blooms are held high above the foliage giving a really tropical looking display. 'Reflected Flame' is free flowering but does seem to appreciate as much sun and warmth as possible.

Sadly this hybrid is rarely available, and therefore doesn't receive the attention it deserves. Although flowers are smaller than in some varieties, the sheer intensity makes it worth growing

^ Mature


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N. 'Reflected Flame' by other photographers

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