Nymphaea immutabilis
subsp. immutabilis

By Nannette Bailey - Click images to enlarge

  This is an almost white form of N. immutabilis subsp. immutabilis growing in a drain near Yorkeys Knob, one of the Northern Beaches of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. It is blue / purple on the outer petals and white on the inner petals. The outer petals of older flowers are pink.  
 The leaves are very large, dark green to olive, many sharp looking teeth, very long stalks, and the edges often stand out of the water when crowded. The undersides have lots of raised distinct veins, like the
nocturnals have, are reddish on immature ones and green on mature leaves.
N. violacea mixed in the population.

 I picked an old flower and photographed it
when I got home. It stayed open all day and night for 2 days after picking.

< The aging flower was
slightly wider than my hand span which is 21cm.

This lily is mostly white. It starts mauve/blue at first on the outer petals only, and ages to pink. >

The sepals have very few specks.
It has 26 petals including the very thin ones, mainly in whorls of 4.
The stigma is 25mm, has 15 divisions, the centre circle is 5mm, each carpel is 10mm long and 4mm wide.
It has a 10mm space between petals and stamens.
The stamens are yellow, many, curved up, out then up.

Anecphya species images

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