The Charles Winch Collection
Displayed at New Orleans Botanical Garden 2006

Text by Charles Winch's daughters Noelene Pullen & Margaret Edwards
Images by Kit Knotts - Click to enlarge

   N. 'Anne Emmet' Winch, 1985
  Named for the late Anne Emmet of Colorado who was one of Dad's regular waterliily correspondents during the 1980s and 1990s. She arranged for him to deliver his hybridizing paper at the 1987 IWGS Symposium in Denver.
  The lily has deep chartreuse-purple flowers, green pads and is a medium sized plant. Second and third day flowers can wilt in very hot weather so light midday shade is recommended. It is stunning in cooler climates, or in spring and fall in hot climates.


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The Charles Winch Collection
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N. 'Anne Emmet' by other photographers

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